Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Pepper Leaves Turning White

After planting our peppers to there final location we started to see the leaves turning white. We discovered that this scalding was due to too much sun light. Our plants had started to go into a shock and we need to com up with some sort of a remedy.

We decided to act fast and we ran down to the local home improvement store (Lowes) to pick up some portable umbrellas to provide some shade while our peppers acclimate to their new environment.

Our peppers were grown in mostly shade from germination to juvenile. To move them to mostly sun was quite a shock and hopefully we caught it in time and not lose any plants.


  1. The same thing has been happening to my poor pepper plant. I've been raising him since March, and I've been trying to keep him outside, but every time I do he turns white! I googled white leaves and looked at images and was ecstatic to find yours! Did you find keeping them in the shade to work? How did you start to introduce the sun?


    1. The umbrellas worked and our peppers plants grew to maturity and bared fruit (peppers). We're on our second year with these pepper plants as you can see in our recent posts. Our second year they have been getting full sun light. Shade your peppers right away or you may lose them. Good luck!