Friday, April 27, 2012


Patti and I have often talked about growing peppers and tomato's and other fresh vegetables for making our own salsa. It's was only recently after visiting my wife's dad did we decide put our plans into action. Over the last several years her dad has grown and developed a wonderful blueberry farm in the Hudson, Florida area. John Curry gave us for the trip home several nursery 20 gallon pots to help us get started.

Each plant is set up to a drip irrigation system where they are watered twice daily. The birds are another matter. He uses air cannons and shot guns with blanks to scare the birds away.

Grandpa in the middle
and dad is on the right

In reflecting on my new found desire to grow peppers I feel like I must be getting in touch with my own agriculture heritage as I get older. My grandfather worked as an irrigator in the orange groves and my dad owned a large orange grove in Southern California in the late 60s. Probably explains why I love Oranges.

So Patti and Is agriculture heritage comes from Florida Blueberries and California Oranges. Just makes sense to grow peppers in Texas.

Any who, we will begin our journey of growing peppers and tomato's at the side of our home in Southern Texas and post our progress and things we learn along the way. We hope you enjoy and leave us a comment from time to time. Our next post will be on how we setup our pepper farm and varieties we chose to grow.

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