Monday, May 7, 2012

Irrigation and Garden Design

We modeled our pepper farm after my father in laws blueberry farm operation. We used 20 gallon EG 10000S Econ-Grip nursery pots from John's blueberry farm and realized we would need a few more. I tried stopping by our local nurseries to see if they would sell me some of their used pots and I had no takers. I was actually surprised by there unwillingness to part with them, even to sell. So I found a place online called Great Western that sells them for about $5.00 each. But they sting you in freight.

We tied into our automatic irrigation system with 3/4 inch PVC and added an "Add-It" device that makes it easy to add fertilizer as needed automatically as we grow our peppers.

This particular device is not meant for constant pressure and was meant for use with a garden hose. However, this is setup with the auto irrigation system after the station valve and is not under pressure continuously. The PSI max is listed at 60 and our water pressure measures to about 50 PSI. So we improvised.
We are just about ready for planting. The irrigation seams to be working great and after some calibrations we should be ready. Starting to look like the blueberry farm setup? Nice to be able to put some space to use on the side of our home. Hope y'all come back for our next post. 

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