Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Tomato Patch at Alejandro Farms

Phase 2 of Alejandro Farm is now complete with a tomato patch for early 2013. We installed some nice pave stone to help keep area clean and free of weeds and easy to access  to plants. We also reconfigured our irrigation system to make room for the expansion of tomato patch and also phase 3. The irrigation now has 3 manual shut-off valves to allow targeted watering throughout seasons. As before, we feature an auto distribution of liquid plant food to our Peppers, Tomato's and Strawberries.
Tomato Patch at Alejandro Farms
 In our first year of Bonnie tomato plants we are growing Roma's, Celebrity, and Bush Goliath's.
Miracle Grow Soil
 The mixture of soil we used for this years tomato patch.
Alejandro Farms, February 2013
Alejandro Farm now consist of Peppers, Tomato's, and Strawberries. Phase three will be coming in spring. 

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