Saturday, January 19, 2013

Germinating New for 2013

It's time to germinate our additions to Alejandro Pepper Farm. After last seasons flop of growing the Tangerine Dreams and Tomatoes we decided to play bigger for these two plants. We'll be giving away several of our Serrano Peppers plants and making way for these Tangerine Dream. We did however managed to get two Tangerine peppers in our yield from very Anemic plants and their taste waste unique and flavorful. We've germinated 30 seedlings today and are excited to watch grow.
Tangerine Dream Peppers
 We'll be expanding our farm area to accommodate our tomatoes in a separate area.
Tomato Sweet Seedless Hybrid

Day one of our germination with Tangerine Dreams on the Left and Tomato Seedless Hybrid on the right. Follow me on our 2013 Alejandro pepper farm season.

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